On Love – Katrina B. – 2/21/16

Love. Ooey and gooey. Delicious and divine. About it we bellow, we whisper, and whine. It is the glue that bonds strangers as family and the spark that ignites the passionate drive to procreate. Love is comfortable, enveloping us with feelings of sweet ease and peace. Love is powerful. It strengthens, awakens, and guides us to our highest potentials.

L-O-V-E, love. The universal Alpha frequency. The vibration of Oneness. The Unitive Consciousness of all living things. The God channel. “A Course in Miracles” says only love is real, and nothing else exists. Everything we perceive as being something other than love is an illusion. Yet, within our society, there is this pervasive notion that love is something outside of ourselves.

How many times have we expected Love to be a reward for right behavior? Maybe as a child we received the message that we were only lovable when we were obedient, selfless, or silent. How many times have we extended Love with condition? Treated love as a commodity — something to be traded for personal gain? Been discriminating with whom we shared love? So many of our social norms support this behavior.

The result is that we contain, constrain, and control love. We suppress this pure and natural state of being as a rule in our culture. And this keeps us separate from the realization that Love is the Truth of who we really are.

Many of us learn that it is simply not safe to go around in a state of Love.

I think about the many cold and lonely persons who find themselves homeless on the streets of our city. How many of us have been socialized to scurry past them in the spirit of preserving personal safety, rather than engaging in a compassionate exchange?

And look at how we travel, pressed body to body on public transportation to get where we are going. Yet, eye contact or intentional touch, in such circumstances, are liabilities. What a different experience that subway delay might be if we spent our morning commutes connecting with the strangers sharing our personal space. Imagine if, instead of tensing our limbs to support our hold on a square foot of space every time the train braked to a halt, we let ourselves fall into a massive, Manhattan-bound cuddle pile.

Does that thought excite you? Or make you cringe?

Marianne Williamson reminds us, “Love does not destroy brain cells. Love restores reason.” Love is our natural state. But we have learned to honor Fear.

In her book “A Return to Love,” Williamson defines the spiritual journey as the relinquishment — or unlearning — of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts. “Love,” she says, “is the essential existential fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose here on earth.”

Williamson draws much of her work from “A Course in Miracles,” which explores Christian mystical language through a modern psychological lens. A miracle, she says, is what occurs naturally from an expression of Love and it begins with a conviction to Love.

But for us to commit ourselves to Love, we must restore a foundation of trust to help us overcome the fear that currently motivates us. German sociologist Dieter Duhm says that lying and deceit has become a way of survival in modern culture. It is a response to a society built on fear, war, and conflict, which are all consequences of ego, or separation from Love.

We see it in our politics, our business world, and in our social relationships —even between romantic partners. In our current culture, truth and transparency is a risk, and as long as we are confronted with such risks, we will never feel safe to be authentic. If we cannot exist without this psychological fear, we cannot occupy a state of pure Love.

There is a potentiality for personal and global healing that is available by accessing and aligning ourselves with Love’s powerful universal frequency.

In each moment we have an opportunity to choose to operate from Love. Its frequency is an ever-present line running through and connecting us all. Love exists beyond the frequencies of anger, aggression, and fear, what Duhm refers to as the psychological minefields from which we operate.

The natural healing frequency of Love connects us to the sacred matrix of life. When we surrender to love, we merge with our natural tendency to flow with life. We restore our relationship with the intelligent cosmic pattern, the morphogenic field of the universe that steers the energies and information necessary for the maintenance and evolution of life on the planet.

Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich said, “Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master our sadistic destructiveness.”

Reich believed that our access to this healing energy field becomes blocked due to the personal and collective traumas endured and supported by our current cultural frequency. In order to restore our receptiveness to natural cosmic healing, he believed we require a jolt powerful enough to dissolve the blockages we have acquired. Such an opening could come with an experience of falling in love, witnessing death or suffering, having a mystical encounter, or by participating in a friendship or community in which the healing field has been activated.

If you have ever experienced resonance with this energetic field, you know it. It is overwhelming, uplifting, and exhilarating. You feel shiny, new, and intimately connected. As a part of my work a transpersonal psychologist and researcher, I have had the privilege of interviewing many people who report such experiences. They describe feelings of sacred awe, ecstasy, and profound beauty.

The jolt of such experiences is somatically evident, as well. Reich would call this the dissolution of the body armor that we build up over time when resisting this natural state. I’ve heard many accounts of spontaneous healing that can be understood through this lens, from lifelong scoliosis being suddenly corrected to cancerous tumors that simply vanish without the aid of allopathic treatment.

On several occasions when I’ve found myself pulsating within this energetic field of Love, I had the distinct and literal sensation that my heart was so full it might actually burst out of my chest. It was equal parts uncomfortable and ecstatic.

A friend of mine reported having the same experience and, because of her, I’ve since learned that what I am actually feeling is this tiny structure at the base of the sternum, where your heart chakra begins, called the “xiphoid process.”

I had never heard of it before, but from what I have read it seems like if it wasn’t for breaking open the body armor of your heart chakra, you would really only become acutely aware of this cartilaginous appendage if you were resuscitated by way of some well-intended but sloppy CPR.

Love is eternal. Nothing we could do or have done can take away the fact that we are all a part of this collective energy field. But, what happens is that we fall asleep to who we really are. Duhm says that by addressing the fundamental issue of establishing trust within small communities, what he calls “healing biotopes,” we can re-harmonize with our natural frequency which gives way to the realization of our highest potentials.

“The revolution ahead of us,” he says, “will no longer play out primarily on the political stage, but on an energetic, ethical, and noetic one.” This will require us to establish new social systems that support planetary healing.

Duhm’s theories are backed up by 40 years of research conducted at the Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal. In the four decades since it was founded, the intentional community project has successfully established decentralized systems for energy autonomy, built water retention landscapes, permaculture, and organized a non-monetary economy. Duhm and his partner Sabine Lichtenfels credit the successes of their massive undertaking with their community’s dedication to the founding principles. These include:

As this Tamera project demonstrates, our global problems are interwoven with our relational problems, which stem from our belief that we are separate — from our efforts to try to control nature — instead of learning to harmonize with it.

So often, when we look at the world and all of its issues, we become captivated by fear. But these issues are born directly of a fear consciousness. Marianne Williamson says that in the presence of Love, fear disappears. “The only way to get rid of darkness is by turning on the light.” The universe is self-organizing and self-correcting. Follow the Love and expect miracles. Only Love is real.